2020-10-14: OCL Squad Call

Friendly reminder about our OCL for OpenMRS Squad call this week.

Notes : https://notes.openmrs.org/oclsquad2020

When : Wednesday 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 10am Boston | 7am Seattle

Where : Join from computer or mobile: om.rs/zoomocl

Agenda/Updates on Action Items:

@paynejd @dkayiwa @burke @ball @michaelbontyes @muhima08 @mogoodrich @akanter @tendomart @kirity @swedhan @insookwa @jwnasambu @tendomart

p.s. - I am not able to make this call, but I hope that this clear agenda will help!

Ugh. I also have a conflict this morning. Sorry, it was added yesterday afternoon. Can someone reach out to me if there are any specific tasks? I know that CIEL was released to OCL and that we have completed the agreement with MSF for content support… and work has started.

@grace, @ibacher sorry I didn’t finish the ticket as anticipated because I was attending to a patient but I promise to make a PR in few hours time.

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Sorry ,missed this.Was travelling