2020-10-07: OCL Squad Call

Friendly reminder about our OCL for OpenMRS Squad call this week.

Notes : https://notes.openmrs.org/oclsquad2020

When : Wednesday 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 10am Boston | 7am Seattle

Where : Join from computer or mobile: om.rs/zoomocl


  • Updates or blockers from squad team members: ThoughtWorks, volunteers, QA, OCL
  • Requirements Write-up from Local Concept Editing call
  • Possible design issue with how error messages are stored (@ibacher to share)

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Here’s more information on the issue Ian and Juliet found this week:

  • Fixed OCLOMRS-878, issue where validation messages weren’t being cleared on the concept form: fixed that specific issue, but might indicate not just a single form-specific issue, but a design issue.

  • Error messages are stored in the global store for OCLOMRS, so if they aren’t explicitly cleared, they persist and will show on the next form.

  • Need to carefully review the other forms in OCLOMRS for exactly the same issue and ensure we have a proper pattern for dealing with it: there are four forms in OCL for OpenMRS, but they all seem to use the same pattern of storing errors

  • Likely means we need to add a simple React hook to reset the form state when the form is recreated

Thank you so for this observation!

@grace am having issues joining this call. Am sorry I will delay

I don’t know wether this is good UX but failed Login as well will not show any message to the user as well.

Rule of thumb: If it’s not clear to the user what happened, or why, then the user experience is unclear. Thus, I completely agree, that is definitely not good UX :wink: There is a ticket for this, and some similar issues. Have a look at these @tendomart and please always feel welcome to create similar tickets if you notice issues like this in the future, and also, please feel free to pick up these tickets if no one has already claimed them. We need to resolve these at some point.

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