2020-08-05: COVID Squad Call - focus topic: DHIS2 Integration Overview

Friendly reminder about our weekly COVID-19 Squad call this Wednesday.

When: 9:30pm IST | 7:00pm Nairobi | 6:00pm Cape Town | 4:00pm UTC | 12:00pm Boston | 9:00am Seattle

Where: Let’s try Zoom this time, since our colleagues in Uganda cannot access Uber via mobile, and Uber doesn’t record our screen: https://iu.zoom.us/j/91346146997

Agenda: A lot of updates to share with one another!

In general as a squad, our 2 big things to figure out are Work Scope and Identifying Champion Implementer site(s).

  • Updates from @wanyee re. Kenya MoH plans w/ DHIS2; from @ddesimone re. PIH interest in collaborating on stronger DHIS2 integration; information learned from Rwanda/RBC’s plan/experience with DHIS2

  • Demo from KenyaEMR on DHIS2 integration?

  • Update: Technical review of DHIS2 Reporting Module upgrades from GSOC student @jayasanka very helpful - review high-level overview, hear feedback. Would this be valuable to expand on, or different direction needed for future of COVID reporting purposes?

  • Other Updates: upcoming call Thursday with ADX co-lead to learn what data sharing planning is already underway w.r.t. COVID indicators

  • Others we should be talking to?

  • Discuss Champion/Reference Implementer site(s) for this work

  • List of tech comparisons/scope of work, and who’s working on what: Draft ready for team discussion, “Global Goods Data Pipeline: Categories of Work

Notes : https://notes.openmrs.org/covidsquad2020

CC: @wanyee @jteich @hamish @ibacher @ball @ddesimone @akanter @paulamendola @jennifer