2020-07-31: Technical Action Committee (TAC)

Our next TAC meeting is this Friday. Agenda and notes here.

What we cover: These meetings are a good place to join if you’re interested in having a finger-on-the-pulse of some of the high-level technical work going on week-to-week! :slight_smile: Our goal is not to dive into each topic in detail, but to make sure the overall direction and any needed endorsements are clear. Open to anyone in the community who is interested in and has an opinion about the technical direction of OpenMRS.

When: Friday, 31 July 2020 at 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 10am EST | 7am PST.

Where: Note we are trying Zoom this time instead of Uber https://iu.zoom.us/j/93941698390

Brief Updates

  • (2 mins) Migration Path to 3.0 (@burke): Update on sharing Technical Vision draft
  • (2 mins) Upcoming releases & Squad Showcase Aug 13 (@grace)
  • (5 mins) Improving Jira Backlog & Processes: Outcome of session this week, and plan moving forward
  • (2 mins) Analytics Squad launched

Bigger Topics

  • (15 mins) Deployment Process and Dockerizing: Examples and preliminary advice from @mseaton
  • (15 mins) TAC Guidance in establishing RefApp roadmap - Confirm next steps: Module comparison checklist, Bug review, Micro Frontend plan (@sharif and @grace)
  • (15 mins) Module Maintenance Plan (@bistenes): Update on first draft of roles, next steps

@burke @mksd @ibacher @dkayiwa @wanyee @janflowers @ssmusoke @jdick @aojwang @morrisng @mogoodrich @ggomez @bashir @ball @ccwhite23 @akanter @akimaina @herbert24 @bistenes @tendomart @gcliff @mozzy @sharif @gcliff


Notes and recording: https://notes.openmrs.org/tac2020

Thank you everyone for joining today, and to those of you who review the notes and recording after :slight_smile:

Moving forward we’re going to try to make sure that technical deep-dive sessions happen before TAC meetings, so that these become a forum for reviewing technical proposals from the community. That will probably mean using Design Forum sessions more often for technical deep-dives. So if there’s ever a technical topic people would like to explore in more detail, please reach out to @jennifer, @dkayiwa, @herbert24 or myself and we’ll make sure we set something up :slight_smile: Then what’s discussed and proposed in those deep dives can be presented to the TAC for feedback later.

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