2020-05-27: COVID-19 Response Call

Hi everyone!

Today’s COVID-19 Response call will include an update on DHIS2-OpenMRS integration and reviewing possible COVID-19 Response packages.

Agenda/Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hXMRA-fqhB6R5ascG_FBejBMVlNI21V5SxWs9ln6Bac/edit#

Who : Anyone in the community interested in our COVID-19 response.

When : Wednesday, 27 May at 9:30pm IST | 7pm Nairobi | 6pm Cape Town | 4pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle

Where : Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing (latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other WebRTC-compatible browser): http://www.uberconference.com/openmrs

Audio Only (Telephone or your favorite VoIP client):