2020-03-25: Design Forum: Improvements to DHIS2 Integration (GSoC 2020)

Based on the Doodle poll, GSoC proposal deadines, and other scheduled webinars, we’ll be holding this Design Forum on Wednesday, 25 March at 11:30pm IST | 9pm Nairobi | 8pm Cape Town | 6pm UTC | 2pm Boston | 11am Seattle.

Title. GSoC 2020 | Improvement to OpenMRS DHIS2 Integration

Description. We need to discuss the community’s requirements for the OpenMRS DHIS2 Integration This module is followed by the great work done in the previous GSOC project . The OpenMRS DHIS Integration Module gives a good overview of the module. Since this could be part of the CoVid-19 response I think this is quite urgent as well as an important project.

Who @akshika47 @dkayiwa @ibacher @heliostrike @suthagar23 @jayasanka @maurya @oslynn

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