2 questions about the tags <lookup> and <excludeIf> in HTML form entry

Reference Application 2.8

Hi Everyone, i’m upgrading my current forms and the doctors have given me some suggestions that I can solve with the lookup and excludeIf tags. but I have 2 questions and I hope you can help me.

  1. Lookup: If I use a ‘lookup’ to see the data previously entered in an obs but, for some reason, these data are empty or erroneous, is it possible to edit that obs in the same ‘lookup’?

  2. excludeIf: How do I use ‘excludeIF’ with empty coded concepts? i use null and undefined and i don’t make this work.

thanks for your help!

as always, i resolve this by my self.

First, lookup elements can’t be edited.

Second, i’m investigating about this