OpenSRP Bahmni Bahmni is an easy to use, open source hospital system for healthcare providers in low-resource settings. Bahmni combines three open source products into a single integrated solution: OpenMRS for electronic medical records, OpenERP for hospital operations, and OpenELIS for lab information management. Android Client Discussion about the OpenMRS 2.0 Android Client, designed to cover most of the functionality of the web application including registering patients, taking visit notes, capturing vitals, etc. It communicates with an OpenMRS server using REST, and will support working off-line (without network connection) with a chosen subset of patients. Add-on Modules This category is for discussion specific to development or troubleshooting of OpenMRS add-on modules. Reference App Instead of just releasing a generic enterprise-grade platform and leaving it up to each implementation to configure, Reference Application from the OpenMRS Community includes more functionality “out of the box” that should help you be more productive, faster.** Platform The base for our Reference Application product & various other Health IT applications. Discussions and questions about our API, web services, and other OpenMRS Community topics related to Platform.
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