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[Urgent] Maven repo credentials ( 2 ) (37)
ID dashboard is down (8)
Demo is unresponsive (5)
New Bamboo agent available for tests (18)
Help Desk Community Infrastructure category is running crazy!!! (7)
Helpdesk certificate has expired (7)
The CI build failing apart (9)
Wiki, JIRA and CI are down (4)
Ci build failing (4)
New notes/etherpad available for tests (2)
OpenMRS demo is offline (5)
Small outage for maven repository - Sat 6th Oct (1)
Officially deprecating scrap (to create JIRA tickets) (6)
Automatic restarts after security patches (3)
Talk wasn't sending emails for a few hours (7)
Having trouble creating a new OpenMRS ID? Please contact us (1)
(one) Bamboo agent to be offline this weekend (1)
Bamboo: releasing off non-master branches ( 2 ) (39)
Archiving google mailing lists and OpenMRS email users (2)
One of the Bamboo agents ran out of disk (8)
openmrs on is not starting Context initialization failed (3)
Demo Server Unstable (9)
How can one delete a wiki page? (5)
New option to release scripts to skip tests (5)
Cleaning up Wordpress users (4)
SVN has been migrated (7)
Talk will be unavailable - 19th August 00:00 UTC (13)
IRC bot will be unavailable - 27th July (5)
New talk server available for tests! (10)
Failure to login (8)